Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes Experience Evaluation

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Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes Experience Evaluation


In 2017, Nike launched a globally high-profile Breaking2 Challenge 2, which challenged human limits on the one hand, and the latest Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite running shoes on the other. The shoes were made of nylon elastomer Pebax foam. Bottom cushioning technology, the shape is also very subversive, it crushed other running shoes in the test of the runners world, the performance is extremely good.


In addition to the pair of running shoes with new midsole materials, last year Nike also released a new cushioning technology called React, which was first applied on the two pairs of basketball shoes, Hyperdunk 2017 and Jordan Super.Fly 2017. Now React is finally It is used in the running shoes called Epic React Flyknit (hereafter referred to as React), and it is not the mezzanine method used in basketball shoes, but the whole palm is made of React material.

Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes

One. Exterior


React dark blue ancestral color, the pink curved frame at the heel is very bright. Viewed from the side, the midsole is thicker and the heel is clearly extended to the rear. React uses a Flyknit one-piece knit upper, but instead of using a flying thread, it uses two hard patches for the lace up. One of the characteristics of knitted uppers is that they can have different weaves for different positions. For example, React uses a large mesh to ensure heat dissipation and stretch at the foot surface, while the outer side is dense weave to ensure stability during exercise. Wear resistance. The traditional lace design, faintly can also see the words Flyknit. The collar is thin and does not wrap with extra foam. The inner and outer patches are used to compensate for the lack of stability of the knitted upper, so that it has a certain hardness and elasticity, and the inner patch is a suede material, and the touch is comfortable. This should be the most fancy angle of React, yellow shoe + blue stable patch + silver reflective strip + pink half frame + white midsole + light blue gradient outsole.


The React is covered with this wavy groove on the midsole, and I don't know if it will continue to be used in subsequent products using React materials. The grooves are different in depth and are used to cushion and stabilize the different areas. The effect is limited. React's midsole also bears most of the role of the outsole. The wave grooves mentioned above are also covered with a large bottom, which is helpful for improving the grip ability. In order to reduce the weight, React only covers the wear-resistant rubber on the toes and heels, and the rubber also continues the wave groove design, and the translucent gradient color is also very bright. The insole is still ortholite, but it is very thin and should be the thinnest insole in the Nike running shoes.


two. Experience




In terms of size, React inherits Nike's consistent "narrow" style. In fact, it seems that "fit" is not "tight" in my opinion, and because most of the common running shoes are "loose", the hooks are narrow. . In the front part, I saw that React's collar is very thin. It fits well on the ankle and is very soft. It is very soft and there is no foot rubbing or lameness. React men's US9 code single 218 grams of weight can be classified as lightweight, the upper foot is very light, running long distance does not have a significant sense of cumbersome.

Nike Epic React Flyknit Running

2. Stability


React's Flyknit upper is more wrapped, and the feet are fixed in the shoes during running. If you wear them, you may feel a little tight. The midsole of the forefoot and heel has a distinctly outwardly extending design, so even if it is intentionally tilted to the side while running, it will be controlled, making it relatively difficult to cripple. The patch at the heel also has a good fixing effect.


3. cushioning resilience


Some running shoes use a thicker insole to help improve cushioning. The React insole is quite thin, so the cushioning is achieved by the midsole. React is Nike's latest cushioning technology. Its principle is similar to that of Zoom. It is highly cushioning through vertical arrangement of fiber materials, softer than EVA foam, but with better resilience and longevity. Although React was applied to basketball shoes last year, many people who passed through said that it was hard to step on. The reason was that React material was only placed as a mezzanine insert at the midsole, and performance was limited by other midsole materials. It is fully expressed, and the basketball itself needs good stability, so it is not allowed to be too soft. The pair of running shoes uses a full thickness of React material as the midsole, which fully demonstrates the performance characteristics of React.


First of all, the resilience of this pair of React is good. Whether it is walking or running, you can obviously feel the cushioning, and this cushioning can feel the process, not the kind of cushioning. In the forefoot running and accelerating running, the forefoot cushioning can also be felt.


Secondly: the resilience of this pair of React is excellent. It can be said that the most impressive thing about me is the resilience. I remember that in the LunarEpic 2 evaluation, it said that it has almost no resilience, and this pair of React The bomb is very obvious. At the end of the cushioning, the force feedback from the midsole will be felt very quickly, and the foot feels good. Nike's official data indicates that React's energy feedback is 13% higher than Lunarlon's, and I personally feel that it is more than this number.

Nike Epic React Flyknit Running

4. Abrasion resistance


In the appearance part, I see the React midsole also bears the function of the outsole, but the wear-resistant rubber is covered in the easy-wearing parts of the forefoot and the heel. The area is about half of the entire sole, and the remaining half is the bare React bubble. cotton. It was only after a few days of daily and running tests that the white foam portion showed significant wear and the rubber portion was relatively slightly worn. The purpose of not covering the rubber with the whole palm is to lose weight, and the loss is the life.


three. Contrast with Ultra Boost


This pair of React running shoes is considered to be used against Adi's Ultra Boost, and there are indeed many people who care about which pair is better. Then I will talk about my experience of using these two models in this review. .




React's upper is highly wrapped, and the stability of the upper is achieved by different strength weaves. Usually wear will be slightly tight, but the feeling of strong wrapping during running is reassuring.

Ultra Boost's upper is very flexible and loose, and the toes can be freely stretched in the shoes, mainly relying on the hard frame on the side of the shoe for stability. It feels very comfortable after going to the foot, and it is also a knitted upper. The softer touch of UB is better.

Buy Nike Epic React Flyknit Shoes - Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Sh

2. Midsole

The whole palm React midsole, the thickness is relatively high, the cushioning effect is good, there is no venting feeling, the rebound effect is excellent, no drag, and the feedback is sufficient, especially the cushioning and rebounding ability during running is impressive.


The whole palm of the Boost midsole, the squatting feeling is very obvious, very soft and very elastic, the foot feels very comfortable, especially when walking, it is very cool, and the cushioning is too soft compared with React when running.


3. Outsole

React has less than half of the outsole covered with wear-resistant rubber, while UB is full palm rubber, UB is better in wear resistance and grip.


four. to sum up

The overall performance of Nike Epic React Flyknit exceeded my expectations, especially the resilience was impressive. These shoes have no obvious disadvantages except for the big bottom rubber area, which is compared with the biggest competitor Ultra Boost. Personally think that it is more suitable for running, if you wear it everyday, the upper will feel tighter, so the comfort is worse.

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